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GR Recovers $2.25 Million for Injured School Teacher in Slip & Fall Case (February 2019)
Our personal injury lawyers have secured a $2,225,000 settlement on behalf of a school teacher who slipped on a wet floor in a New York City school building, suffering neck and back injuries requiring surgery. The school's cleaning crew failed to place any warning or barrier around a recently mopped section of floor, thereby causing Plaintiff's serious injuries.

GR Recovers $600,000 for Sauna Burn Victim (October 2018)
Our personal injury lawyers have secured a $600,000 settlement on behalf of a spa guest who sustained upper body burns and scars as a result of the negligent operation of a sauna in a New Jersey spa. The lawsuit claimed that the spa invited guests to access without training the sauna's heating mechanism and pour water on hot stones, thereby causing steaming water to splash on our client, an innocent spa guest.

GR Appellate Victory Revives Michigan Pollution Class Action (July 2018)
The Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals issued an Opinion reversing a lower court's dismissal of an environmental lawsuit brought by Detroit residents living near a Marathon Petroleum, Corp. refinery. The lawsuit claims that the refinery, which began operating in 1930, emits toxic chemicals and hurts residents' ability to enjoy their properties. The unanimous, three-judge appellate panel said that the District Court incorrectly ruled that the residents' claims were filed outside the three-year statute of limitations merely because the refinery has been operating for decades. "The appeals court agreed with our argument that each new discharge from the refinery is a new violation giving rise to a new and separate claim," said Steven German, who argued the appeal. The ruling revives the case and returns it to the District Court for pretrial proceedings.

GR Obtains $500,000 Trial Verdict for Staircase Fall Victim in Housing Authority Building (July 2017)
Trial lawyer Joel Rubenstein obtained a $500,000 jury verdict on behalf of a man who tripped on a defective stair in a New York City Housing Authority building, suffering a quadriceps tear requiring surgery. "The case presented serious obstacles that many lawyers thought were insurmountable," said Mr. Rubenstein. NYCHA focused on three themes at trial: our client's multiple, past burglary and bank robbery convictions, a hospital note mistakenly stating that he was 'skipping down the stairs' when he in fact slipped and fell, and that he was convicted of another burglary after his surgery. "We faced these obstacles head-on and persuaded the jury that NYCHA caused the dangerous condition and failed to maintain safe stairs," he added. The three week Manhattan trial resulted in a 100% liability verdict against NYCHA.

GR Represents Hannibal, Missouri Residents in Class Action Lawsuit over Water Contamination (March 2016)
GR has filed a class action lawsuit against the Hannibal Board of Public Works ("BPW") alleging that the BPW knowingly provided non-potable water to rate payers in Hannibal for years, exposing them to “probable human carcinogens” and causing financial loss. The lawsuit also claims the Missouri Department of Natural Resources failed to protect Hannibal residents from harmful water and collected fees off of rate payers through the BPW in its advisory role over water safety. The six-count lawsuit, filed by four Hannibal residents on behalf of two classes of people, seeks a jury trial to award compensatory damages to the plaintiffs.

GR Recovers $2 Million for Injured Airplane Worker (February 2016)
Our personal injury lawyers have reached a $2 million settlement on behalf of a New York woman who was injured while working on a Spirit Airlines passenger jet gated at Laguardia Airport. The lawsuit alleged that while she was cleaning the forward lavatory, a pilot pushed the bathroom door into plaintiff, knocking her over and causing her to suffer herniated discs requiring a cervical fusion and discectomy, and a rotator cuff tear requiring arthroscopic repair. U.S
District Judge Jack B. Weinstein approved the pre-trial settlement on February 22, 2016.

GR Represents Detroit Pollution Victims in Class Action Suit against Marathon Petroleum (February 2016)
As reported by Crain's Detroit Business, Channel 4 News and the Associated Press, GR has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Detroit residents against Marathon Petroleum Company. The lawsuit alleges that residents are being exposed to toxic substances, odors and noise from Marathon's Detroit Refinery. Plaintiffs seek an Order requiring Marathon to curb its emissions, clean up the pollution and compensate residents for their financial harms, such as lost property value. Visit for periodic lawsuit updates.

Court Upholds $225,000,000 Settlement with Exxon (August 2015)
On Tuesday, August 25th, Judge Michael Hogan approved a $225,000,000 settlement between the State of New Jersey and ExxonMobil. The ruling comes after 11 years of litigation, including a 66 day trial that spanned nine months. The settlement marks the culmination of a longstanding battle between the State of New Jersey and ExxonMobil in connection with alleged natural resource damage (NRD) to more than 1,500 acres of wetlands, marshes and waters at refinery sites that Exxon once owned in Bayonne and Linden.  In an 81 page opinion, Judge Hogan called the deal "fair," "reasonable," and "in the public interest." "Although far smaller than the estimated $8.9 billion in damages, Exxon's payment represents a reasonable compromise given the substantial litigation risks" that the State faced at trial and would face on appeal. In 2011, Governor Christie appointed GR as Special Counsel to the State of New Jersey in connection with this NRD litigation. 

GR Reaches $10,017,000 Settlement on behalf of N.J. Landowners (November 2014)
After 4+ years of litigation with Honeywell International, Inc. and PPG Industries, Inc., German Rubenstein has filed a settlement in priniciple with defendant Honeywell.  The class action settlement agreement was filed on November 7, 2014 in federal court in Newark, N.J. and must be approved by the Court.  The case is Smith, et al., v. Honeywell, et al.  The lawsuit alleges that the defendants improperly generated, disposed and failed to cleanup approximately two million tons of hexavalent chromium waste in the heart of Jersey City, causing a nuisance and property damage to the surrounding community. Pursuant to the class action settlement, Honeywell will set up a $10,017,000 fund to compensate property owners.  We will continue to litigate and seek separate damages from the non-settling defendant, PPG Industries.

GR Represents 18 Women Secretly Videotaped in Office Building Restroom (August 2014)
GR has filed a lawsuit against the NY Design Center and its managers on behalf of 18 women who were secretly videotaped in a ladies restroom. The case was reported in the August 3, 2014 Sunday New York Post. 

Federal Judge Approves Class Action Settlement on Behalf of Nevada Plaintiffs (October 2013)
Following nearly three years of litigation, a federal judge in Reno, NV today approved a settlement valued at over $20 million on behalf of our clients in Yerington, NV. Under the settlement, defendants BP/ARCO have agreed to fund the extension of City drinking water to this desert community whose drinking water wells were contaminated by the former Anaconda mine and to facilitate and fund acquisition of water rights for property owners that own domestic wells and wish to continue non-potable use of those wells. Millions of dollars in cash payments will be made to the community to resolve their medical monitoring and property valuation claims. 

GR Represents Women who Developed Diabetes after Taking Defective Drug Lipitor (February 2013)
The dangerous drug and medical device lawyers at GR filed a federal lawsuit against Pfizer today, alleging Lipitor causes Type 2 Diabetes in women. The lawsuit claims that Pfizer knew of these risks since 1996, but failed to warn doctors and patients until 2012, when it was forced to by the FDA. With adequate warnings many women could have avoided the horrible affects of Diabetes such as blindness, amputations and other serious health issues.

GR Represents Nevada Plaintiffs in Environmental Class Action
German Rubenstein, together with co-counsel, has filed a class action lawsuit against BP and ARCO on behalf of Yerington, NV residents. The lawsuit alleges that contaminants such as arsenic and uranium released from the Yerington Anaconda Mine have contaminated plaintiffs’ land and their drinking water wells. As a result, their drinking water supply has been ruined and the residents of this desert community have been forced to rely on bottled drinking water. The lawsuit claims that the companies knew or should have known that their discharge of toxic and radioactive chemicals would pollute neighboring properties, air, and groundwater and that they failed to properly clean up the contamination. The residents seek compensatory and punitive damages as well as medical monitoring for the early detection of illness.

GR Appointed Special Counsel to the Attorney General, State of New Jersey
GR announces its appointment by the New Jersey Attorney General to represent the State in environmental litigation for injuries to the State’s natural resources, including groundwater, wetlands, habitat and injured species.  Natural Resource Damage litigation seeks to restore, rehabilitate, replace, or acquire natural resources and their services, which were lost or impaired due to environmental contamination.  On January 20, 2011, GR appeared on behalf of the State in New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection v. Exxon Mobil Corp.
GR Represents U.S. Victims in Defective Automobile Consumer Class Action

German Rubenstein, together with co-counsel, has filed a class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Company on behalf of all current and former owners or lessees of model year 2004 and 2005 Ford Freestar or Mercury Monterey minivans in the United States. The lawsuit alleges that the transmissions and torque converters are defective in these vehicles.  The defect causes a sudden power loss and deacceleration without warning, rendering the vehicles unsafe.  Ford has acknowledged receiving more than 2,700 related warranty claims. The replacement parts are similarly defective. Plaintiffs seek money damages for their losses.

GR Secures $1.5 Million Settlement on behalf of Car Crash Victim
German Rubenstein congratulates partner Joel Rubenstein and his co-counsel on the mid-trial settlement for $1.5 million dollars in a car collision case on behalf of a union worker who was hit by a drunk driver while at work.  The plaintiff sustained serious injuries to his shoulder, neck and knee resulting in severe impairment of his daily activities, loss of income and inability to work.

GR Represents New Jersey Plaintiffs in Environmental Class Action
German Rubenstein, together with co-counsel, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Jersey City residents against Honeywell International, Inc. and PPG Industries for dumping and failing to clean up cancer-causing hexavalent chromium waste in Jersey City, New Jersey.  It is the first major class action lawsuit seeking wide-spread relief for residents and property owners in the wake of a federal study showing elevated levels of cancer in some areas near the toxic waste sites. The lawsuit demands that defendants pay for periodic medical screenings for the early detection of cancer in exposed populations and pay damages to landowners whose properties have been devalued. The lawsuit also seeks punitive damages for defendants' knowing and deliberate conduct in disposing and failing to properly remediate hexavalent chromium contamination in Jersey City. The lawsuit seeks certification of a medical monitoring class for individuals who lived within 500 feet of a chromium waste site for at least six months. As many as 38,000 people lived in the area, according to the 2000 Census. Class status is also being sought for a property damage class, which includes all properties within one-quarter mile of any chromium site. The suit seeks compensation for devaluation and other property damages resulting from proximity to these toxic waste sites. As many as 27,800 parcels may be affected.  More information is available at

German Rubenstein Opens New Midtown Manhattan Offices
German Rubenstein is pleased to announce the January 15, 2010 opening of our new Midtown Manhattan offices at 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1500, New York, NY 10036.  The office is conveniently located between 5th and 6th Avenues, a short distance from both Grand Central Station and Times Square.  

Federal Judge Certifies Environmental Class Action in Sher v. Raytheon
An environmental class action filed in 2008 by German Rubenstein LLP and co-counsel was certified by a federal judge in Florida on September 30, 2009.  The class will represent approximately 1,000 property owners in the Azalea neighborhood of St. Petersburg, Florida.  Plaintiffs allege that a plume of contaminated groundwater has spread to approximately 1,300 properties from a factory operated by Raytheon Co. and its predecessors.  Our clients seek to recover under theories of trespass, private nuisance, unjust enrichment, strict liability, negligence and statutory strict liability for chemical discharges in violation of Florida law. If you are the victim of environmental contamination, please feel free to contact us.

GR Represents Victims in Fosamax Defective Drug Cases
German Rubenstein LLP, together with co-counsel, is representing plaintiffs in cases alleging injuries resulting from the use of the defective drug Fosamax. Fosamax, manufactured by Merck & Co. belongs to a class of medications called bisphosphonates. Fosamax is used for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis in women after menopause. Fosamax has been linked to serious bone injuries like femur fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw (“ONJ” or “Dead Jaw”). Osteonecrosis is a disfiguring and disabling condition of the jaw bone that causes infection and rotting of the jaw bone. In 2004 The US Food and Drug Administration and the manufacturer of Fosamax issued a warning to health care professionals of the danger associated with Fosamax. If you have suffered osteonecrosis of the jaw or a femur fracture as the result of taking Fosamax, please feel free to contact us.

GR Tapped as Environmental Counsel to Multinational Developer
In a nod to its lawyers’ extraordinary record of success representing landowners against polluters, German Rubenstein LLP has been selected to represent one of the world’s largest and most respected real estate developers whose property has been contaminated due to the negligence of others. The contamination includes gasoline, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), volatile organic compounds and other dangerous chemicals, all of with which the attorneys at German Rubenstein LLP are familiar. The law permits a landowner to collect money damages, cleanup costs, and other relief from a polluter. If your property has been contaminated due to the negligence of another, please feel free to contact us.

GR Represents Victims Nationwide in Defective Medical Device Cases
German Rubenstein LLP, together with its national co-counsel, is representing plaintiffs in cases alleging injuries resulting from the use of defective anesthetic pain pumps. Pain pumps are used by patients to ease the pain following arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The pumps deliver anesthetics directly into the shoulder joint. The lawsuits allege that use of these pain pumps results in a debilitating condition known as Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis (PAGCL). PAGCL develops when the shoulder cartilage begins to deteriorate. As the cartilage disintegrates, the patient starts to experience the complications associated with PAGCL, including shoulder popping, clicking, and extreme pain. The Complaint further alleges that these companies marketed and sold their product without FDA approval. The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages. If you have been injured through the use of a pain pump, or any other defective medical device, please feel free to contact us.

GR Represents Victims Nationwide in Defective Drug Cases
German Rubenstein LLP, together with its national co-counsel, is representing women in cases alleging breast cancer resulting from the use of hormone replacement drug Prempro. Prempro is a prescription drug used by women to ease the symptoms associated with menopause. The lawsuits allege that drug-maker Wyeth concealed the risks of breast cancer from innocent women and that the risks of the drug outweigh its benefits. The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages. If you have been injured by a Prempro, another hormone replacement drug or any other prescription drug, please feel free to contact us.

GR Represents Ohio Plaintiffs in Environmental Class Action
German Rubenstein LLP, together with co-counsel, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of property owners living in the vicinity of the Behr Dayton Thermal Facility in Dayton, Ohio. Chrysler owned the facility until 2002. The lawsuit in Spears v. Chrysler and Behr alleges that a plume of the carcinogen trichloroethylene (TCE) originating at the Facility has traveled through groundwater and soil beneath the McCook Field neighborhood. The TCE then converts into a gas or vapor which enters plaintiffs’ properties. Indoor gas vapor measurements in McCook Field homes are dangerously high. The federal government has identified a cancer cluster in the area overlying the plume. The Amended Complaint seeks compensatory and punitive damages on behalf of the class for the loss of use and enjoyment of their property and diminished property values. It also seeks medical monitoring for the early detection of serious latent illness. If you are the victim of environmental contamination, please feel free to contact us. More information is available at  

GR Represents Florida Plaintiffs in Environmental Class Action
German Rubenstein LLP, together with co-counsel, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of property owners living in the vicinity of a Raytheon facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. The lawsuit in Sher v. Raytheon alleges that for decades Raytheon and its predecessors have known their operations and waste management practices were environmentally unsound. It also alleges that Raytheon engaged in a concerted effort to misrepresent and withhold information from the public regarding the extent of the contamination. The complaint seeks damages on behalf of the class for the loss of use and enjoyment of their property, the loss of use of the groundwater, diminished property values, restoration costs, consequential and incidental damages, disgorgement of profits and unjust enrichment. If you are the victim of environmental contamination, please feel free to contact us. More information is available at  

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